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Professional Roulette Advisor

Pro Roulette AdvisorThe idea behind the software is that it has a full working knowledge of the algorithms used by online casinos, enabling the user to earn 70€ within about 40 minutes, suggesting that the program is good for people who are looking to supplement another income but don’t have much time. They offer free usage of the software, allowing you to profit up to a limited amount before you need to purchase. [read more]

Reverse Roulette

Reverse RouletteReverse Roulette system uses a unique betting plan, which relies on betting with the same chip amount on each spin. Realistically, the product does not claim to guarantee a win every time; rather it is designed to switch the long term odds from the house’s favour to the gambler. Because of this element to the system, Lou claims that “the more you play, the more you will win”, and that applies both to real and online casinos. [read more]

Roulette Bot Pro

Roulette Bot ProRoulette Bot Pro by Matt Reams uses six betting systems, including his personal favorite, “Progression Recovery”. The software download includes a licence for using on two computers and can be used for free for three days before purchase is necessary. Matt claims that the competition does not come close to the amount of features and supported casinos Roulette Bot Pro has. [read more]

The Roulette System

The Roulette SystemEx-Casino Worker, Phil Rushton, has published The Roulette System: a system for roulette that allows him to reputedly generate £1000 days (over $1500). Rather than being software, this is simply a manual that works with 19 online casinos all over the world including America. The Roulette System includes free updates for life; casinos change the way they are run, so as the manual gets updated, so does your copy to ensure you can still profit. [read more]